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Vonfilia SalgadoVonfilia Salgado
03:39 14 Jan 24
I thank you goodbye and the lawyer María Mendoza for helping us is an excellent lawyer, I recommend her to you.
Griselda HerreraGriselda Herrera
01:32 14 Jan 24
The best guerrilla lawyer that God put on our path, my parents have already received their permit and are going for residency! Thank you Mendoza Law Firm What a blessing God is good 🙏
Lucia AlvarezLucia Alvarez
03:26 12 Jan 24
Rosy MorenoRosy Moreno
22:45 10 Jan 24
We have been living in the USA for 30 years, we had lost hope after seeing 13 lawyers, fortunately THE MENDOZA LAW FIRM gave us hope again, now we have our work permit. I feel very grateful because I never thought I would see some fam members again, today I was able to see them through the fence, it meant a lot to me. Thank you so much.
Consuelo AvalosConsuelo Avalos
18:06 03 Jan 24
I am very grateful to the lawyer Maria Mendoza who helped me get my work permit and we were probably going to get my residence. I am very grateful to her because many lawyers caused me to waste time and money and she fixed my permit in a short time. I am grateful to my lawyer. Maria Mendoza thank you very much
Elsa EspinozaElsa Espinoza
01:14 03 Jan 24
I want to thank the lawyer María Mendoza from the bottom of my heart for her hard work, for her interest in everything she has done for me, without her help I would never have been able to achieve it. I recognize her and admire her for all her work and efforts. God bless her and her team. Thank you!! ❤️🙌🙌
Admed AlbarranAdmed Albarran
23:27 02 Jan 24
My experience with the Mendoza Law firm has been the most rewarding!!After dealing with many different firms and knocking on many doors that did not open; I was fortunate to see some videos of the lawyer Maria Mendoza and hired her services. By far the best decision I could make. It is great, my respects, my admiration and above all my thanks to Mendoza Law Firm!!!
Luis Armando RamirezLuis Armando Ramirez
07:05 02 Jan 24
Hello, my name is Luis Armando Ramírez, I am very grateful to the Mendoza law firm lawyers. The truth is, without knowing them, I placed all my trust in them. They are very good. It did not take them long to get my work permit and my travel permit. They will soon get me. My documents arrived at home and since I started my procedures until now they have not stopped calling you and keeping you informed of how your case is going, they never stop talking to you and what it has to do with them, and the first call you make they answer you, they are very Well, I recommend them 100%, they are very attentive in your process and very effective, I am very happy, thank God, with my papers, before I battled with other lawyers until I looked at them on social networks, I didn't think about it much and I contacted them and even Oh, I'm still with them, they gave me my best Christmas gift, thank you very much lawyers Mendoza law firm
Alonso OlivaresAlonso Olivares
05:26 16 Dec 23
Thank God, for putting it in the heart of Attorney Mendoza, to help many people, including me, after 25 years in the USA, she has helped me a lot since she took my case, for which I thank her very much, and thank you For the effort you put into helping people, God bless you. I recommend your great work!
Xochitl RecinosXochitl Recinos
20:23 15 Dec 23
Hello, my name is possible to expedite your case everyone is very kind and thank God a year has passed and I already received my insurance and work permit and now first of all God we are going for the residence I personally recommend her she always has a way to help.
Carlos HuertaCarlos Huerta
15:23 15 Dec 23
Lawyer María Mendoza recommended 100% wonderful work 👏 in less than 8 months I was able to obtain my work permit thanks to Lawyer María Mendoza and her team, God bless you 🙏
Guillermina AlvaradoGuillermina Alvarado
04:27 15 Dec 23
Thanks to the lawyer María Mendoza and her team😍I recently received my work permit. After dealing with other lawyers who said that there was no law for me to fix papers. When I had already lost faith. I found the best lawyer María Mendoza 😍thank you lawyer God bless you 🙏 THE FIGHT CONTINUES!!!
Javier Trejo NavarreteJavier Trejo Navarrete
02:46 15 Dec 23
I had been searching for lawyers to help me with my Immigration case and no one had the patience to help me…Until I found The Mendoza Firm. I am very thankful with their team. They were always on the lookout to help me on my case and very helpful answering the questions that I had. I strongly recommend!
Rosa GarciaRosa Garcia
03:54 13 Dec 23
Joel VazquezJoel Vazquez
02:04 13 Dec 23
The Mendoza law firm has been great at getting my immigration case back on track. I had two different lawyers prior that did not do anything to assist me. Communication has been great from the Mendoza law firm.
Martin SerranoMartin Serrano
22:26 12 Dec 23
100% recommendations are people with a lot of professionalism🙏🏼🫡
Juan ValdezJuan Valdez
20:53 12 Dec 23
marko pastormarko pastor
13:00 12 Dec 23
I can say that since I started my process with the Mendoza law firm everything has been very satisfactory for me, everything that the attorney planned for my case has given me the opportunity to be close to my residence, I am grateful to the firm for all the The attorney's collaborators have given me excellent service!
Sergio ChavezSergio Chavez
21:47 06 Dec 23
It is an excellent, very professional team with very good quality of attention and response.Yes I recommend it!
Yanet Ramos SantiagoYanet Ramos Santiago
02:34 06 Dec 23
Hello, I have had a very good experience with Lawyer María Mendoza, I recommend her 100%, everything she says is true and I have seen facts and I am very grateful to her and to God for everything that I have obtained, advanced and What is coming and with her my family, are they also going to fix it because I am going to recommend her to them and to all of you who trust her?
Norma MerazNorma Meraz
01:32 06 Dec 23
Excellent service. Everyone very friendly.
Nora ChaparroNora Chaparro
05:37 04 Dec 23
Thanks to the lawyer Maria Mendoza, today I have my residence after a year and a half. Thank God, I found it on YouTube in a moment of great desperation since the lawyer I had here in Denver, CO for more than ten years (I am not going to say his name but he is very well known in this state) two or three weeks ago he had told me that in my case there was nothing more to do that I needed to sign my voluntary departure after so many years in this country being a good citizen respecting the laws I had to leave my son, my grandchildren and my entire life here but God allowed me in the midst of that desperation to find the lawyer Maria Mendoza who from the first day I called them treated me with great respect and professionalism and from that day on I placed all my trust. In her and her great team who are attentive to every detail, whenever I called them there was a response with enthusiasm and confidence. I am so happy that I recommend the lawyer and never stop having faith in God and that if there are lawyers who want to help its people like the lawyer Maria Mendoza and as she says...THE FIGHTING CONTINUES.Thank you, lawyer. God bless you and continue giving you wisdom to continue helping our people.Thank you.
Vicente ChávezVicente Chávez
20:08 03 Dec 23
Rigoberto MaganaRigoberto Magana
02:39 09 Nov 23
Attorney Mendoza and her team do an excellent job. They are always at your side to support and help in everything related to your case. I recommend 100% and may God continue to bless Attorney Maria Mendoza and her team.Sincerely!
Jose CamarilloJose Camarillo
05:21 08 Nov 23
Santos Gonzales penaSantos Gonzales pena
00:35 07 Nov 23
I recommend them to you because the lawyer does comply, I recommend them to you.
Delia OrtegaDelia Ortega
01:24 03 Nov 23
The people at Mendoza Law Firm take great care of you and your needs. They work fast and keep you updated on your case, I would 100% recommend!
Marcelino FloresMarcelino Flores
22:33 20 Oct 23
Everyone was friendly and informative. They explained the process, got me help from their doctors to ensure i would be ok from my accident. I am glad i went with Mendoza Law Firm.
Juan CardenasJuan Cardenas
17:22 26 Sep 23
Thank you very much to lawyer Mendoza for making all this possible. For a long time I was told that nothing could be done in my case but thanks to the lawyer there is less left to achieve the entire process ❤️
Juana VazquezJuana Vazquez
18:27 25 Sep 23
Thanks to lawyer María MendozaI recommend her to 💯 she helped me get my work permit God bless her 🙏I am very happy and grateful to God..I have contacted the lawyer on Facebook...👏👏🙏
Mayte EspinoMayte Espino
03:23 23 Sep 23
My experience with the lawyer Maria Mendoza and her entire team has been very good. Thank you all for helping me. Now I have my work permit and I trust the lawyer and her entire team that with God's favor I will soon have my residence. Thank you all for all the support, many blessings 🙏🏻
Carolina GallegosCarolina Gallegos
19:49 22 Sep 23
Fany FarfanFany Farfan
01:22 21 Sep 23
My name is Fany Farfán, I am originally from Yucatan, Mexico, I arrived in this country in 1993. I found out about the lawyer María Mendoza through Facebook, I remember that I was going through labor abuse and during my break, I sent a message to the lawyer, which What caught my attention the most was that she speaks very beautifully about God! And I knew from that moment that she was the one, because I had already consulted with two lawyers and neither gave me hope! Now I have my work permit, social security and travel permit, I thank God for putting the best lawyer Maria Mendoza in my life 🙏🏻 She and her entire team are very kind, I recommend them to 💯My parents are very sick and I would like to go see them!Once again, thank you very much, lawyer Maria Mendoza. God bless you and your great team always 🙏🏻🙏🏻
Omar ParedesOmar Paredes
18:24 07 Sep 23
I was skeptical at first going in starting the process giving that in the past I had several bad experiences with immigration attorneys who in the end could not help me. The Mendoza Law Firm was there helping me every step of the way. They literally take each case to Heart because I personally felt like they were holding my hand throughout the process. In less than a year I saw what I could never had thought possibly happening, my work permit and advance parole. I truly was so Blessed and Happy beyond compare. And this is only the beginning because with God on our side there isn’t anything we can’t accomplish. God is Good All The Time
jose ponsjose pons
12:21 31 Aug 23
Some very professional people in their work… 100% recommended…. Fast, efficient and reliable without a doubt !!!!!Thank you very much for everything you do to help the Hispanic community!!!
osvaldo adameosvaldo adame
01:58 31 Aug 23
Gerardo PerezGerardo Perez
22:13 30 Aug 23
Hello, my experience with the law firm is very good and reliable, do not trust anything, do a very good job, Gerardo Pérez I recommend them to you
Elvin RamosElvin Ramos
19:57 30 Aug 23
Excellent work, very reliable, definitely recommended, they helped me a lot when everyone said no, they were the only ones who helped me, really grateful
Salvador HuertaSalvador Huerta
01:11 30 Aug 23
I am highly grateful to the Mendoza Law offices, I highly recommend her, very reliable and pleasant, honest, and her work team, all very professional. Thank you, lawyer, for all your help, Help the immigrant community around the world and keep fighting and working for your dreams Thank you
Luis CarrenoLuis Carreno
01:37 23 Aug 23
Hello, my name is Luis and I want to share my experience with the lawyer Maria Mendoza, my immigration lawyer. Thanks to God and her, my wife and I were able to obtain the work permit and social security. I really recommend her, she is a very good lawyer and her entire team is very friendly. Thank you very much lawyer God bless you and all your team
00:22 23 Aug 23
Thank you very much to the lawyer, excellent work, Selas, I recommend
Maria ArroyoMaria Arroyo
05:57 22 Aug 23
Favian MercadoFavian Mercado
00:36 22 Aug 23
Very good service, I am very grateful to the lawyer Maria Mendoza and her people, I recommend them. Because it was impossible for me to arrange a work permit and thank God it was fulfilled, thank God and her that helped me and my wife a lot, she helped us both to get a work permit:))
Jose OrtegaJose Ortega
19:53 21 Aug 23
Excellent people my wife and I already have our work permit thanks to the mendoza law firm the best lawyers 100% recommended
Aldo AlvarezAldo Alvarez
16:15 19 Aug 23
Excellent very professional lawyer thanks to her I have my work permit I recommend her simply the best of all I give her five stars
Trinidad TeapilaTrinidad Teapila
15:02 19 Aug 23
Hello everyone, I am grateful to the lawyer María Mendoza and her teamGreetings. Well, your effort and workThey're safe.I encourage people if one day they look for a good lawyer @ my recommendations withMaria Mendoza Immigration Attorney.
Roberto rodriguezRoberto rodriguez
23:41 18 Aug 23
I want to thank God and you lawyer for giving me my work permit thank you very much I hope you can help many people God bless you.
Eric WaltzEric Waltz
18:59 11 Aug 23
The best lawyer you can trust, thank you Maria mendoza and team for all that you do for the people God bless you all ❤️
Rosa ProaRosa Proa
22:51 10 Aug 23
Hello hello it was a very nice experienceThe entire team is very polite and very friendly and above all they take the case as if it were their own, they are very attentive and if they design you in 6 months that is a big thank you to the team and especially to Ms. MendozaWho never forgets where the Mexican comes from a thousand blessings to all
Services L PaintingServices L Painting
17:02 10 Aug 23
Very satisfied with the staff and for the excellent work my permit arrived just at the time they said
Alma MedinaAlma Medina
03:17 10 Aug 23
I recommend Lawyer Maria Mendoza who is an excellent Lawyer to her and her team thank you very much for fixing my papers
Amanda ChavezAmanda Chavez
16:27 09 Aug 23
Patricia BenavidesPatricia Benavides
15:33 09 Aug 23
Very professional !!!!
Eloy MendozaEloy Mendoza
04:25 09 Aug 23
The experience with the lawyer Maria Mendoza was very good, rather one of the best in my life, they are always attentive to your case and are very efficient in their work and very friendly. I recommend them to all people 100% without hesitation, God bless her. bless you always for helping so many people 🙏🏻
Susana VazquezSusana Vazquez
01:44 09 Aug 23
I 100% recommend the lawyer The Mendoza Law Firm because they are very good and trustworthy people thanks to them now I have my work permit I can say that I have no complaints because all the people help you very kindly and they answer you in a very polite way And it makes one feel safe. Thank God and to her, now I feel calmer and I have nothing left but to thank the lawyer and her entire team for the great work they are doing to help us with our immigration status with all my heart. Thank you very much. lawyerMaria Mendoza
moises pulidomoises pulido
19:18 17 Jul 23
The Mendoza law firm has been really good with helping me getting my legal status right im so happy and strongly recommend them to anyone who has the same type of case I had if they say yes you have a chance than you really do have a chance
Christina HerreraChristina Herrera
19:45 04 Jul 23
The people at The Mendoza Law Firm are the best from beginning to end , they were always available for questions we had and everything was always explained to the tea! By far the BEST !!
Jelly FishJelly Fish
23:45 17 May 23
Before a family member referred me to the Mendoza Law firm, I didn't think I'd ever be able to receive my work permit. I felt so helpless until Maria and her team reached back out to me, I felt that in my heart that Maria and her amazing team of intelligent and kind people, would help move my case forward. Low and behold, I'm no longer afraid to seek work wherever! I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart. Members are bilingual, patient and always have the best intentions for the person. The process was smooth and they never lost faith in me.
Henry MurciaHenry Murcia
18:18 12 Apr 23
Thanks to The Mendoza Law Firm, I have received my work permit and social security number. After so many years of trying with other immigration attorneys I finally found the right one. I highly recommend The Mendoza Law Firm to anyone- they care about their client's, they have great communication, they know what they are doing, and they are very friendly.
Liborio OsorioLiborio Osorio
14:51 22 Mar 23
I’m so greatful for my god and my universe to put in my way this amazing team!! The Mendoza Law Firm, everyone it’s very knowledgeable of what they doing, and friendly. I am just waiting on my green card!!! They are life changing so greatful for them I highly recommend them no doubts thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!
Ydalia VasquezYdalia Vasquez
17:19 05 Feb 23
I want to thank the Mendoza Law firm for all they have done. They are extremely professional, honest and kind. From the first phone call they made us feel completely at ease. I would 100% recommend they. I have send friends over to they and they agree.
Jaime RochaJaime Rocha
23:36 27 Jan 23
I recommend Mendoza Law firm. They have excellent customer service. Everyone is always so nice and willing to help. I am always updated on my case. The attorney prior scammed me and sat on my case. A friend of mine referred me to Maria Mendoza. I am located in Mississippi and with in less than a year I had results. She goes above and beyond and it's nice to know that there are attorneys like her and her firm. 💯 recommend. Mendoza Law Firm
Karla CastilloKarla Castillo
04:36 04 Jan 23
Thanks to Maria Mendoza my parents were able to get a work permit within the year of working with her while they await for their residency. Highly recommend them for any immigration service!
Jise SanchezJise Sanchez
21:29 29 Dec 22
Excellent and fast services! I am very thankful for all the efficiency and fast immigration service! I 100% recommend Mendoza Law Firm to any person who really wants their case to be solved in a great & timely manner! After so many years of trying with different immigration attorneys, i was lucky to find them although i was skeptical at first. They promised to resolve my immigration status, and they kept their word in 8 months as promised. Thank you for helping me regain trust in the law. And thank you for helping me out to get my work permit and social security. I recommended your services too, i will continue to recommend you as much as i can to anyone who wants a great job.Thank you so much!
Monico DonMonico Don
14:10 25 Dec 22
The Mendoza law firm got me my work permit in two months. Now I’m not worried about my status in this country and can provide for my family worry free! They were very good with communicating and keeping me updated on everything that was going on. I recommend Mendoza law firm to anyone and everyone. Don’t hesitate to let them help you.
Katherine CartagenaKatherine Cartagena
14:36 20 Dec 22
The Mendoza Firm is the best car accident law firm ever! They got me a car immediately and referred me to the best doctors. They finally negotiated with the insurance company to get me money for my accident! I love the Maria and her team and couldn’t be happier!
Marivel SalinasMarivel Salinas
22:02 15 Dec 22
I have received an excellent service from the lawyer Mendoza and her team. When I call to ask about my case they always answer my concerns. Previously, another lawyer couldn’t do anything for me or my case, and the lawyer and her team have helped me in 7 months. I thank Almighty God and that wonderful team that they have in the offices of the lawyer Maria Mendoza, I recommend them 100%
Irania MoralesIrania Morales
22:26 17 Sep 22
My mom got her social security card with this lawyer!! It took time , but it finally came!!! We went to other lawyers and in the end they said they couldn't do anything and she wasted her money. But with mendoza it was different!! She said she could and she did!!! My mom is so happy about it!! I really recommend her😁😁
David AlvizoDavid Alvizo
05:05 02 Jul 22
Excellent and fast services! I am very thankful for all the efficiency and fast immigration service! I 100% recommend Mendoza Law Firm to any person who really wants their case to be solved in a great & timely manner! After being rejected and scammed by so many immigration attorneys, i was lucky to find them although i was skeptical at first. They promised to resolve my immigration status, and they kept their word in 9 months as promised. Thank you for helping me regain trust in the law. And thank you for helping out the friends i have recommended your services to, i will continue to recommend you as much as i can to anyone who wants a great job. Thank you for being honest, although all cases are different Mendoza Law Firm will let you know if your case can be resolved before taking a penny from you. Everything you have done, no amount of money can ever repay.